Why a Screen Door Is Important

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    You may be wondering about the importance of a screen door and why homes install such doors.

    A screen door serves as the jacket before the existing frontal door.

    Is it that essential?

    Of course! It mostly provides extra comfort and security.

    There are several types of screen doors that have different functions, uses, and aesthetics.

    Here are some important insights as to why a screen door is important.

    Screen door advantages

    A screen door is perfect for allowing air to flow smoothly into our homes while maintaining the security it provides.

    It’s advantageous to have such essentials as it gives natural light to our home while allowing us to take in the view of our outside surroundings.

    It gives us the benefit of guarding our children who play outside.

    It also easily lets us check to see if potential intruders are lurking outside our property.

    This type of door is made of intricately designed nets that serve as barricades.

    Hence, with its thorough design, a screen door is also very beautiful and pleasing to the eye!

    It could also be made of mesh screens that protect the home from insects, dead leaves, or bad weather conditions, such as snow and strong wind gusts that bring gravel.

    Also, the screen doors are lightweight and are easy to use.

    The material of such screen doors is usually aluminum wire or vinyl fiberglass mesh that the market often uses as the standard.

    The safety, security and aesthetic benefits that a screen door gives are the reasons why a screen door is important.

    Types of screen doors

    There are various types of screen doors depending on usage and on the owner’s taste of design.

    A hinged screen door is commonly used in households and is a familiar type of screen door.

    These kinds of screen doors are placed before our front doors or behind them and usually have locks for extra security.

    This type of screen door uses two to three hinges and functions like a regular hinged door.

    The materials usually used for hinged screen doors are vinyl, aluminum frames, or fiberglass.

    These types are considered durable and lightweight.

    A retractable or sliding screen door has an easy function as its door smoothly slides open and close.

    Like other screen doors, this type also helps in the circulation of fresh air throughout our home.

    It is usually built-in larger sizes and is placed mostly in the balcony or back and front yard as it gives a full view of our homes outside and for security purposes.

    Its track is connected to our door frame and, with a button-like lock, will easily unlock and open the door for us.

    It doesn’t take up too much space as these retractable sliding doors are designed to retract on one side of their designated room.

    Security and safety

    A screen door’s ability to welcome airflow into our homes, give natural light, and keep small insects away are all reasons as to why a screen door is important for each and every household.

    However, aside from all of those, having a screen door would also strengthen security and safety as well.

    Some people may think of screen doors as insubstantial and not durable; however, this is not the case.

    Considering our home’s security and safety, such as possible unwanted burglary, we can always use heavier and durable materials such as steel or iron for our screen doors.

    An example of it is a heavy mesh that is more durable and sturdier than regular material.

    Since screen doors have wide variations, extra security measures, such as a double locking system and other options, can also be added.

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