What You Should Know About Basement Egress Windows | WMGB Home Improvement

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What You Should Know About Basement Egress Windows | WMGB Home Improvement

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    What You Should Know About Basement Egress Windows | WMGB Home Improvement

    Finishing your basement and converting it into a living space or additional bedroom can be a huge benefit, with more space for your family to spread out. But if you’re going to convert your Grand Rapids basement into a living space, basement egress windows should be at the top of your list of things to upgrade.

    What is an egress window, and what makes them so important for your new home project? The window experts at WMGB Home Improvement are here to explain.

    What Is a Basement Egress Window?

    An egress window is any window that fully opens to allow occupants to escape in case of a fire or other emergency. You’ll need to install an egress window in your West Michigan basement if you’re turning it into a living space, to bring it in compliance with your building codes.

    But this can sometimes be difficult to do in basements that are mostly below ground level, which is why your existing basement windows may be small and narrow (or non-existent). That’s where a window well comes in handy—an area of ground is dug out around the window and a shield is installed to keep the cavity from filling back in.

    The Benefits of Basement Egress Window Installation

    Basement egress windows aren’t just good to have to make sure your home meets building codes—there can be many other benefits as well!

    Basement Egress Windows Are Safe!

    Meeting building codes and installing egress windows in your basement might often seem like red tape, but the rules…

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