How Much Is It To Replace a Wooden Door

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    Wood materials are commonly used for doors, whether for interior or exterior usage.

    Due to their durable and robust quality, homeowners and business offices use such material.

    This type of material provides natural insulation in one’s room.

    It lasts longer with good maintenance and is usually cheaper than steel and high-quality PVC doors.

    Aside from durability advantages, wooden doors also provide the elegance and traditional look that other materials cannot imitate.

    In fact, wood material can be easily carved, painted, and designed to an owner’s style and aesthetic preference.

    How much is it to replace a wooden door will depend on what type of wood material to use, the size, and the extricated design we want it to look like based on our taste.

    Before considering the cost of expenses of a wooden door replacement, we should know what type of wooden material we are going to use.

    Listed below are some of the commonly used wood-type materials that our company will help and provide with the service provider.

    Mahogany wood

    A Mahogany is one of the strongest and durable types of hardwood.

    As to its physical feature, this wood is reddish-brown and is thick and robust.

    It has high resistance from water elements that leads a wood to rot and mold from absorbing moisture.

    When you live in Oakville or an area with humid or hot weather, a mahogany wooden door is a recommendable use as it can withstand natural elements that will highly damage your low-grade doors.

    Mahogany wood is slightly expensive but at a suitable price.

    They are pricey because some species of these wood are endangered, and the material availability in some areas is limited.

    If you’re planning to buy such material while considering environmental concerns, make sure you buy it from a certified company allowed to produce and retail it from our local market.


    Oakwoods have a wide variety a market can offer, including red oak that is commonly used, and white oak, which provides neat features.

    This type of wood is often used by furniture makers as well as door material.

    It is considered a well-insulated material that is resistant to cold and hot weather and a good barrier from outside noises.

    There are various types of oak wood with fine colors and natural wood lines that create elegance when varnished and designed.

    This type of door material is naturally well blended whether we’re living in traditional or modern homes.

    How much is it to replace a wooden door with an oak material is still affordable compared to other wood types and often used by homeowners while still providing a long-lasting feature.


    A door with pine material is inexpensive and lightweight.

    Although they are greatly used for interior doors, they are still widely in demand and commonly purchased by homeowners.

    Like other wood types for a door material, it provides insulation to a room.

    This type of wood is affordable, but it is not as strong as oak wood, although it still provides the quality and durability a wooden door offers.

    One of the many characteristics of pine wood is that they are resistant to rotting.

    It also has these features in its wood outlines that provide a natural design to its lighter to darker colors.

    A pine door is usually made through panels to provide sturdiness and stability.

    Hence, a window installation in such pinewood door material is commonly assembled to allow natural lighting to seep through our home.

    They are also widely purchased and used material for homeowners as it is less costly than oak wooden doors.

    A1 Windows & Doors Services: Your windows and doors expertise!

    There are a lot of varieties of wooden doors a market offers, and it’s hard to choose when you don’t know where to start.

    How much is it to replace a wooden door will depend on what type of material we will use and purchase.

    After that, we should also consider what size and how it will blend in with our home style and design.

    If you don’t know what you’re doing, then it will surely go downwards to disaster.

    A1 Windows & Doors Services is a company that will provide you with assistance and professional service.

    We offer a solution to your wooden door problems, such as repair and installation.

    Not only that!

    We also provide commercial window repair to home window repair.

    Our professionals will handle it all for you.

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